Prijava za “Facilitation for Leaders course” u Londonu

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We are happy to announce the second annual Facilitation for Leaders course. The course consists of four modules of four days each, as well as individual and small group mentoring on how you individually apply your learning.

The course is an interplay between theory and hands on practice, applying process-oriented facilitation skills to a wide range of situations. We are now in the midst of interviews with participants from the previous course about their experiences and the
extraordinary ways they are applying their training.

The new course begins in March 2011. It is possible to take only the first module as a single seminar. From Module 2 onwards, we will be a closed training group.  Alumni may come and present their work for a particular session with us.

About the course: Facilitation for Leaders

Because of the combination of personal development and skill training in our approach, based in Process Oriented Psychology, the work is highly useful in a wide range of situations such as team development, human resources, creative collaborations, organisational management, diversity training and conflict facilitation in small and large organisations.

We have applied this work in international organisations such as the United Nations UNHCR, in government organisations, NGOs, civil society, for town meetings and forums on community issues, for regions dealing with post-war reconciliation and community development, for supporting diversity and social inclusion in Europe and internationally, for coaching people in leadership positions, project development, and providing consultation and organisational development within education, religious and business organisations.

Module 1, 14-17 March 2011 The Serving Leader: Holding the big picture and sweeping up Being of service to your own and the organisation’s original spirit or vision as well as the ‘mundane’ details that make that vision come to life – whether you are in a designated leadership or management position, or a part of an organisation or community.

Module 2, 6-9 June 2011 Facilitating Conflict Transformation Mapping dynamics of conflict and learning to intervene at different levels, including individual, relationship, team, organisation and community. Learning interventions for conflict resolution and
discovering the potential creative direction within conflict.

Module 3, 3-6 October 2011 Facilitating diversity awareness Awareness of dynamics of diversity concerning culture, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, class, disability, education, age, health, language and more Facilitating inner and outer diversity, including working with realities of history, and personal and cultural diversity of leadership styles.

Module 4, 28 Nov – Dec 1 2011 Project management: From dream to completion
Catching an idea or impulse, believing in it and bringing it to fruition, meeting and working with blocks and disturbances, zigs and zags along the path, collaborations and competition, facilitating resistance and change, and harvesting and anchoring individual and organisational learning.

Inherent to the approach is a simultaneous focus on the personal and skill development of you as a leader, whether or not you are in a designated leadership position. The orientation is creative, as well as supporting problem-solving. Each module focuses on communication and intervening on different levels, including individual, relationship, organisational, team and community.

Between modules, there will be opportunities for individual and small group mentoring  in person or by skype conference to support your individual projects and skill development.

How to apply for the course:
Contact us by email and we will ask you to tell us a little about yourself, your interest in this course, the area/s you would like to apply this work to, and a particular project that you would like to focus on. The application can be in writing or in a short telephone conversation with us. Send us an email to

The fee for the first module is £600.
The fee for the remaining three modules, which can only be taken
together, is £1800.

Contact us at CFOR for information about applying for a fellowship,
with partial financial support.

Holloway Road/Islington, Module 1
Belsize Park/Camden Town, Modules 2-4

We look forward to hearing from you,

Arlene, Jean-Claude and Eva